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The Mail Order House Of Tomorrow

Dear readers and friends,

Would you believe that as early as 1888, a form of "online shopping" already existed? Yes, in the late 19th century, people began purchasing a variety of goods via mail-order from an American company named Sears Roebuck.

Customers could subscribe to catalog books listing everything from jewellery to even houses. Doesn't it sound incredibly unbelievable now? Typically, these catalogs included an envelope and an order form on the back cover. Customers simply filled out details such as product lot numbers, sizes, colours, enclosed the required payment and shipping fees in the provided envelope, and mailed it out.

Many more mail-order companies emerged over time, with notable names like Sears Roebuck, JC Penney, and Montgomery Ward. This business model thrived in the United States from the 1890s to the 1970s, with every household, whether rural or urban, receiving their own catalog.

Personally, I have a deep fondness for this entire culture. I particularly appreciate how it bridged the gap between strangers. When placing your order for the first time, there's a mix of skepticism and excitement as you fill out the order form and place it into the mailbox, eagerly awaiting the desired product—it's a precious experience, imbued with a unique romantic sentiment. Beyond nostalgia, these catalogs epitomized the best of American and global culture at the time. Within them, you could find a fascinating array of designs, each marking its era.

"Future is in the past." Discovering these unseen classic designs from the 20th century has sparked immense inspiration and creativity for me. Some of these timeless classics, in my opinion, surpass many contemporary products. Now, you can rediscover many of these lesser-known enduring designs and details on our brand. They are truly remarkable, but today, I'm not here to talk about design.

I simply hold great admiration and love for the shopping model of mail-order. This method was embedded in the DNA of Atelier Lavoro from its inception. With the advancement of technology, the primal trust between individuals has become increasingly precious. On one side, stores strive to fulfill every order with care to ensure customer satisfaction. On the other side, customers patiently await their cherished products. This relationship deserves utmost respect.

In my view, this precious relationship, once affirmed, gradually evolves into a lifelong bond of trust. Every day, I receive a wide range of emails and inquiries since we launched last week and I take great pleasure in seeing customers approach their first order with curiosity and a willingness to try, knowing that we approach each order with the dedication to create something truly unique that satisfies. Imagine the moment when you open the package and touch the product you've been longing for—I trust that feeling truly defies description.

I believe each customer who purchases from Atelier Lavoro embodies not only the essence of traditional mail-order culture but also assumes the role of its custodian and witness, carrying forward its timeless spirit. May this trust and sincerity bring joy to more viewers, and may everyone enjoy the simple and pure beauty of it all.

‘Till Next Time!



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